What Is Briquette?

A Briquette is a compressed of coal dust it consist a raw material like charcoal, sawdust and peat etc. The briquette name comes from French language. It means brick. In earlier the briquette has a large in shape and they could be shacked. the briquette has a lower ash sulfur content. Briquettes have high specific density and bulk density compared to loose bio mass. The briquettes are cheaper than a coal. The briquettes are cheaper than a coal. Briquettes are clean to handle and easy to packing. Briquetting also allows you to save money on expensive storage and production space. briquetting equipment is used in various industries as it is non-polluting with high calorific value.

What is Biomass Briquetting Plant?

Biomass briquettes made from green wastage of agriculture and forestry industries. Biomass briquettes are suitable for heating industries for producing electricity from steam. green-biomass-briquettingBriquetting machine produces quality briquettes without the use of any binder. Biomass briquettes are perfect bio coal substitute of charcoal. Biomass Briquetting machine is called a straw briquetting machine. briquetting plant is a latest equipment in which all types of farming waste and built-up waste are renewed into hard cylindrical form logs using very sky-scraping automatic pressure not including the help of any chemical and element.For biomass briquetting plant we use raw materials like wood, branches, rice husk, bamboo shavings, wood shavings, peanut shell, sunflower husk, sugar residue and mustard stalk. The biomass briquetting plants are best used only as a supplement to coal. The briquetting plant project is also supported by Indian government and many other developing countries worldwide. The biomass briquettes have uniform combustion that results into energy initiation without any ash production. biomass briquettes helps in saving energy, saves trees and don’t releases any harmful gases in the environment. Biomass briquette is a renewable, clean, eco-friendly energy, especially for agricultural countries.

Agro Briquetting

Briquettes or briquet is usually a block shaped material having flammable characteristic. This agro briquette is used as a substitute for lignite, coal, firewood and many more. Agro Waste Briquettes are made from Rice husk, Groundnut Shell, Pine needles. This agro briquette is used as a substitute for lignite, coal, firewood and many more. The agro briquettes is tested by the quality person. The agro briquetting machine is easy to install and it is a totally eco-friendly. sawdust briquettes is the main row material of agro briquetting plant.