Agro Coal Briquetting Machine

Agro coal briquetting machine is made without use of any binder. Biomass briquette plants are also known as white coal or agro-waste briquettes.  Agro coal briquetting plant mostly made from green waste and other organic materials, are commonly used for electricity generation, heat, and cooking fuel. The agro coal briquetting machine is a new type of technology. This machine is totally eco-friendly and low in maintenance. The product can be used directly as a non-conventional fuel.

Agro coal briquetting machine

Advantage of Agro Coal Briquetting machine :

  • Environment friendly
  • Easy availability of various raw materials
  • Fine moisture controlling options
  • Binder less technology
  • Excellent source of fuel with good thermal calorific value
  • Briquettes are cheaper than coal
  • Briquettes, are easy to store and packing.