Biomass Briquette

Biomass briquette is substitute of coal and charcoal. Biomass briquettes are completely eco-friendly technology. Biomass briquette is mostly used for heating purpose and electricity generation. Biomass briquetting are mostly used in energy and power generation sector. These briquettes are very different from charcoal. The biomass briquette has less ash content and comes in high density constitution. This is appropriate for heating business boilers for producing electricity. Biomass Briquette developed using compacted compounds containing natural resources. The raw materials used in the manufacture of biomass briquette are of contain a very high quality.

biomass briquette

Advantage of Biomass Briquette

  • There is no sulfur in Briquettes
  • Briquettes have much lower ash content
  • Briquettes are cheaper than coal
  • Briquettes are easy to transport and packing
  • Raw materials are easily available