Briquetting Plant System

Last few years there are lots of demand of briquetting plant system. India briquetting plant system is an agriculture country. In India lots of people depends on agriculture field. Briquetting plant is the process of make bio-fuel briquettes with the help of agriculture, forestry and industrial wastages. The briquetting plant is depends in agriculture, forestry and industrial wastage. Briquetting plant is a completely an eco-friendly technology. Saw dust, rice husk, groundnut shells, bagasse, bamboo dust, tea waste, almonds etc are used as raw material of briquetting plant system.  The briquetting plant source of renewable energy. The Briquetting Press is the major machine forming bio-fuel briquettes from loose agro wastes. The most developed country uses this plant. The Indian Government has offered a variety of incentives for developing Briquetting Plants. The Indian government offers 100% income tax free for first five year. No Requirement of NOC from State pollution Boards.

Advantage of Briquetting Plant System

  • The Indian Government has offered a variety of incentives
  • Completely Eco-friendly
  • High profitable
  • Easy to transport and packing
  • Raw material easily available
  • Long service life