The Project - Biomass Briquetting project is all about producing a bio-fuel known as bio-mass briquettes from the organic wastages obtained from agriculture, farms & forestsĀ  and also certain Industries such as Sugar Industries, Rice mills, Furniture or wood works factories etc. This project involves Briquetting machines, of which we are expert manufacturers. The required type of Agro- wastes or bio-mass wastes are processed with the help of these machines. These wastes, at first are prepared for the briquetting process by dehydrating the excess moisture, cutting or powdering them as per the feed requirements of the machines. Then they are fed into the briquetting machines, where they are subjected to right amount of pressure and temperature so as to liquefy the lignin present naturally in the biomass. The high pressure compress while the melted lignin acts as a binder to bind the raw-material together. This technology is identified as binder-less technology. Finally the processed materials removed from the briquetting machines are given determined sizes and shapes & are stored in the feeder hopper for packing purpose.

The Entire project is eco-friendly as well as very profitable. This project has a good scope not just in the developing countries but also in the developed countries, since fuel at cheaper rates is the need of the day. Any country that can obtain agro-forestry bio-mass in abundance at a very cheap rate can go for this money-making Briquetting project.

The positive aspects of this bio-mass briquetting project:

  • It produces fuel as much as requiredwith no lack or scarcity.
  • The fuel produced is neither very polluting nor toxic elements emitting when combusted.
  • The raw-material used is very cheap and is available in plenty.
  • This is a very safe process and is also very eco-friendly.
  • This project is very profitable for the investors. Not just that, they can also get financial support from the NGO and Nationalized banks. They also get deductions such as income tax, depreciation, sales tax, VAT, along with excise duty liberation
  • It is a one-time investment, which gives excellent yields for years.