Straw briquetting machines material must have moisture satisfied of fifteen to sixteen percent and the pieces have to be 2-3 inches or less in size. Straw waste is a precious biomass material that can be use by power and heating plants as engineering bio-fuel. Straw briquette machine has the characteristic of high mechanization, high give way, low price, less consumption, easy to operate, no pollution and so on. straw briquettes with briquetting machine, there is no require to add any preservative or binder in the raw material. for all biomasses, straw itself contains certain quantity of cellulose and lignin.

straw briquetting machine

Advantage of Straw Briquetting Machine

  • Totally Eco-friendly
  • Low cost for production
  • Binder Less Technology
  • Briquettes are smokeless
  • Excellent source of fuel with good thermal calorific value